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[New Launch] New Suntory Gin! Introducing Sui Gin
30 Apr 2022, Saturday
By Wine 'N' Spirits
New Suntory Gin! Introducing Suntory Sui Gin from Japan.It is crafted for pairing with meals.SUI is a gin embodying a harmonious blend of unique, carefully-selected ingredients with over 100 years of SUNTORY craftsmanship and expertise in whisky and spirits. Crafted by Japanese artisans with meticul...
Charity Auction - Littlemill Testament 1976 Special Edition (Bottled 2020)
02 Mar 2022, Wednesday
By Wine 'N' Spirits
A Charity Auction by Loch Lomond Group. All proceeds will be donated to The Food Bank Singapore. Starting Price: SGD$20,000Littlemill Testament will be auctioned at Liquid Gold Auctioneer from 7th March 2022, 9:00 am to 31st March 2022, 9:00 pm. 100% of the proceeds will go towards The Food Ban...
Exclusive Launch: Hibiki Harmony 2021 Limited Edition Japanese Whisky
23 Nov 2021, Tuesday
By Wine 'N' Spirits
We've launched the Limited Edition 2021 Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky.The 2021 limited edition bottle design of Hibiki Japanese Harmony pays tribute to the Ryusui-Hyakka (One-Hundred Flowers and Flowing Water). The design symbolizes the cyclical passage of time, captured through nature’s lens. The ...
Introducing Villa Maria EarthGarden Organic Wines
13 Jul 2021, Tuesday
By Wine 'N' Spirits
Introducing EarthGarden: the new premium organic wine range of Villa Maria winery                                    The iconic New Zealand winery, Villa Maria, is launching its first organic wine ran...
Maker's Mark Cocktail Recipes
07 Jul 2021, Wednesday
By Wine 'N' Spirits
Take back your me time with Maker's Mark! Here are some easy to make cocktail recipes perfect for kicking back and taking that well-deserved break after a hard day at work.                         Maker's Ginger Ingredients: Maker's Mark Bourbon 1-...
Easy DIY Roku Gin Cocktails
06 Jul 2020, Monday
By Wine 'N' Spirits
Roku Gin - the well-loved Japanese Craft Gin that contains six Japanese botanicals - sakura flower, sakura leaf, yuzu peel, sencha tea, goykuro tea and sansho pepper - on top of the eight traditional botanicals in gin (juniper berry, coriander seeds, angelica root, angelica seed, cadamom seed, cinna...