Brown Brothers Festive Bundle Mix & Match (Buy 5 Free 1)

$130.00 $156.00
  • Brown Brothers Festive Bundle Mix & Match (Buy 5 Free 1)

Brown Brothers Festive Bundle Mix & Match (Buy 5 Free 1)

$130.00 $156.00


Product Description:

Brown Brothers Cienna Salted Caramel

Unique wine to Brown Brothers with no direct competitors. Best selling table wine at Brown Brother’s Cellar Door shows Cienna’s enormous consumer appeal. This wine is made from Cienna grapes in Victoria with a naturally derived flavour of salted caramel.

Aroma: Tantalizing aroma reminiscent of creamy caramel brittle, with a sweet and inviting fragrance.

Palate: Rich and juicy sweet red wine, with a hint of salted caramel delight ending off with a refreshingly light bubble finish.

Food Pairings: Perfect partner to a wide range of desserts and ice creams. Try it with a spicy Chinese hot pot.

Alc/Vol: 8.5%


Brown Brother Moscato Strawberries & Cream

This wine is made from Muscat of Alexandria grapes infused with natural ingredients to get the Strawberries and Cream Nuance. 

Aroma: Hints of sun-ripened strawberries, jam, and vanilla cream

Palate: Clean, fresh and balanced with a delightful fusion of fruity sweetness and creamy indulgence from the natural strawberries and cream.

Food Pairings: This wine will be perfect alongside a bowl of your favourite gelato. Try it with Vietnamese rice paper rolls for something different.

Alc/Vol: 8%