Penfolds BIN 389 Cabernet Shiraz 750ml

$105.00 $125.00
  • Penfolds BIN 389 Cabernet Shiraz 750ml Wine, Red Wine

Penfolds BIN 389 Cabernet Shiraz 750ml

$105.00 $125.00

An iconic wine from one of the most well-known wine brands in the world. Loved and sought after by many wine lover and afficionados the world over.First made in 1960 by the legendary Max Schubert, this was the wine that helped forge Penfolds reputation with red wine drinkers by combining the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon with the richness of shiraz. Exemplifying the judicious balance of fruit and oak, Bin 389 highlights the generous mid-palate Penfolds in known for.

Tasting notes


Bright garnet.


An immediate ascent of scent no need to wait or to vigorously swirl this wine to tease out what lies beneath! Dark berry fruits consistent to both varietal persuasions, (cabernet and shiraz), overtly courted by elements of ponzu, soy, sesame and dried shiitake mushroom.

Senses are easily conveyed to a forest after rain wet bracken, liberated mulch, damp soils. Naturally (new and used) oak plays a (minor) role in this fanciful aromatic romp.


Flavours and textures akin to marbled Kobe beef and an earthy accompaniment of black liquorice root and anise. Structurally bold with little protruding integrated, fine and has comfortably already settled into place Appetising acidity a non-intrusive and refreshing granita-like bite/attaque. Assam tea maltiness and tannins merge with impressions of wet slate, pencil lead/graphite no doubt somehow linked to earlier partial barrel fermentation and oak maturation.

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