Unlock hidden depths with Bowmore 26 Years - The Vintner's Trilogy Whisky

As the world's oldest scotch maturation house, Bowmore's legendary No. 1 Vaults, with more than 230 years of heritage, came the birth of the new Vintner's Trilogy. Bowmore 18 Years Double matured Manzanilla, Bowmore 26 Years Wine Matured and a final 27 Years Old that will be released in 2018. Each whisky focused on a different wine finish; manzanilla sherry,wine and port casks respectively.

The Vintner's Trilogy is the outcome of generations of distilling expertise, unique sea-buffeted atmosphere of No. 1 Vaults that unlock hidden depths within each whisky. 

Bowmore No. 1 Vault

Bowmore, being the 3rd most collectable brand, the 26 Years Bowmore will be desired by collectors around the world as there are only 2,400 bottles available in the world.

Released in December 2017, The Vintner's Trilogy Whisky - Bowmore 26 Years is one of those gems that have been discovered with the Vintner's Trilogy. 

Bowmore 26 Years

Marrying the best of both worlds - double matured, first 13 years in ex-bourbon barrels, then the next 13 years in wine barriques, thus having perfectly balanced notes of tropical fruit, oak spiced smoke and dark chocolate give way to a long lasting, mouth-watering finish and a hint of salt on the lips. Bowmore 26 Years is bottled at cask strength of 48.7% ABV and retailing at $650 in our online store.

Tasting Notes:


Deep burnt amber
Nose Redcurrant jam, camphor oil, earthy smoke and cherry pie, with the addition of water spiced oak, notes of tropical fruits of papaya and mango with honey sweetness 
Palate Mouth coating, oak spiced smoke and dark chocolate
Finish Long lasting and mouth-watering





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