Sipsmith London Dry Gin - from London's first copper pot distillery in 200 years

Sipsmith - classic London Dry Gin made by traditional methods. In 2009, the founders of Sipsmith set up London's first traditional copper distillery since 1820.

Why copper pot distilling? The founders find that copper is the best option as its exceptionally good at conducting heat. When heat is disperse evenly over the surface of the still, it results in more efficient distilling process and also a better gin.

During the launch of Sipsmith, the founders are here with us to explain about Sipsmith London Dry Gin. Every bottle of Sipsmith is handcrafted in genuinely small batches. No regimented timings, no automatic cuts, just a craftman's flair and a passion for gin well made. It uses 10 botanicals in its maceration: Juniper berries, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Liquorice Root, Orris Root, Ground Almond, Cassia Bark, Cinnamon, Orange Peel and Lemon Peel. These botanicals are carefully sourced from all over the world.

Sipsmith's co-founder, Sam Galsworthy, is also the great, great, great nephew of Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore. 

Close up of the perfectly hand-crafted London Dry Gin. Its bold, complex and aromatic, smooth enough for a martini yet rich and balanced, perfect for a Gin and Tonic.

Sipsmith has won over 30 international awards with its London Dry Gin. The awards shown below are some of the awards they have won.

 Tasting Notes:

Nose Floral, summer meadow notes, followed by mellow rounded juniper and zesty, citrus freshness.
Palate Dry juniper leads, then reveal lemon tart & orange marmalade, before all the flavours harmonise
Finish Dryness leads, with spicy juniper & a hint of lemon tart emerging




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