IWC 2011 Gold Medal Winner (Sake): Tengumai

Tengumai sake is made by hand, using the sake master's sense, at Shata Shuzo Brewery. Shata Shuzo adopts a rare method of sake-making - "Yamahai-jikomi" - to culture yeast. This unique method accompanies the lactic fermentation that creates the rich and unique taste of Tengumai sake, giving it a long-lasting acidic and dry taste.
The brewery is located in Ishikawa prefecture, the prefecture of culture and traditions, facing the Sea of Japan in Central Japan. It boasts of one of the greatest local dishes that is prepared with fresh and rich fish from the nearby ocean as well as abundant vegetables from the mountains - a dish well-complemented by the taste of Tengumai.
Shata Shuzo Brewery was founded in 1823, late in the Edo Period, and presently, the seventh head of the family runs the brewery. When it was first founded, the brewery was surrounded by a dense forest that looked like the residence of Tengu, an uncanny creature in Japanese folklore that is seen as a guardian of the mountains. The name, "Tengumai", comes from the idea that even a mysterious Tengu would feel like dancing after drinking this sake. Ever since then, the Shata family has continued to make this sake in the beautiful countryside.
Wines N Spirits is proud to offer the following Tengumai sakes:
Full expansive flavour with a great body and enjoyable mouth feel. Light umami on the palate. A wonderful sake to pair with food.
Rich, funky, and full of mushroom. A wonderful sake for pairing with foods that are fuller in flavor.
full bodied and refreshing sake aged for a much shorter time compared to the rest of the Tengumai sakes. Semi-dry and excellent chilled or at room temperature. 
Modest and complex aroma due to the mixture of several notes. A slightly sweet sake with a dry finish. A wonderful match with savory foods and rich desserts.


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